ZingSoft updates
ZingSoft updates

ZingChart Release v2.9.0






  • jsRule attribute can now be applied on main crosshairX and crosshairY objects, allowing crosshair line customization. This feature will allow you more flexible styling of crosshairs based on chart values. Like hiding the crosshair if the value is null
    • Custom data tokens can now be added on dynamic labels using %plot-IDX-data-customname constructs. This is good to display plot information in a static label.
    • Implemented display logic for overlapping scaleX crosshair items (alpha applied on obscured elements).
    • plot_click event information includes now plottext attribute.

New Documentation

  • New gallery layout with search and filters by: chart type, features and use cases

Notable Fixes

  • Added plotid as parameter for select and deselect API's.
  • Fixed issue with bubble pack labels.
  • Tilemap plugin fixes
  • Fixed positioning issues.
  • Fixed ability to use multiple tilemaps in same graphset.
  • Fixed issue when zooming range chart with spline aspect.
  • Fixed issue with maps flipping when negative zoom is applied.
  • Fixed formatting issues on value-box objects.
  • Added support for custom data-xxx tokens in sunburst charts.
  • Fixed navigation reset on sunburst when the chart is deleted and reloaded with a different data.
  • Fixed bug with timestamp formatting on data table view and data export when timezone parameter is used.
  • Fixed issue with sorting crosshair plots by value when using "sort-by-value" : "asc" | "desc" attribute.
  • Fixed issue with objects API not working when applied directly on map elements.
  • Fixed broken scrolling logic on charts with y-axis scrolling