ZingSoft updates
ZingSoft updates

ZingChart Release v2.9.1






  • Added markersOnTop attribute for plot/series items (true by default). Setting it to false will cause the plot markers to be obscured by the subsequent plots instead of always being on the top layer.
  • Improved default formatting of crosshair scaleLabel objects.
  • Implemented listener for double tap event on mobile devices (however, the event will be triggered as dblclick, shape_dblclick, label_dblclick)
  • Added %plot-N-value tokens for use in rules, tooltips, valueBox objects.
  • Added minValue and maxValue options for Treemaps (filters applicable for leaf nodes)
  • Add support for irregular [k,v] format in radar charts (also [k, v1, v2] for range aspect)
  • Improved minor ticks/items display logic on logarithmic X scales.
  • Extended Selection Tool's set of features and functionalities:
    1. Added a poly free form tool as an alternative to the lasso tool (both activated by SHIFT key). Setting is controlled via selectionTool > freeFormType (poly | lasso)
    2. Added visual cursor to improve UX. Aspect is controlled via selectionTool > cursor.
  • Added %previous-node-value and %next-node-value as available tokens to use on rules, tooltips, valueBox objects.
  • Added stepMultiplier option for scales for better control of items display interval.
  • Implemented preview object for inverted charts (HBAR, VLINE, VAREA)
  • Tree updates:
    1. Implemented separated tokens for %value (accumulated) and %node-value
    2. Implemented number formatting options

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with sequence call of removeplot APIs.
  • Fixed bug with calculated maximum value on datetime scale.
  • Fixed issue with log scale label "1" being placed in a wrong position.
  • Fixed issue with negative values in TreeMaps crashing the charts. Negative values will be set to 0.
  • Fixed issue with spline charts slowing the browser in specific scenarios.
  • Increased the minimum width of whisker nodes on stock charts to 4px.
  • Fixed bug with calculated maximum value on datetime scale.
  • Fixed bug with selection getting corrupted after adding/removing plots.
  • Fixed issues with plot highlighting when using legendItem > order attributes.