ZingSoft updates
ZingSoft updates

ZingGrid Release V1.1.3






  • Accessibility - All grids are WCAG 2.0 AA & 508 compliant
  • Keyboard navigation and shortcuts added
  • Screen reader compatibility, tested with JAWS and VoiceOver
  • Inclusion of ARIA attributes for screen readers
  • Screen size adjustments will not break layout or content of grid

New Documentation

Notable Fixes

  • Added reference to DOM cell on cell events
  • grid:select will include cell and cells in the case of multiple cells selected
  • Added zg-source to keyboard navigable region
  • Fixed keyboard nav issues when card mode is rendered based on width
  • Fixed focus issues with cancelling edit via esc key
  • Fixed navigation issues for removing rows button
  • Fixed selection of internal column types
  • Added ability to navigate to user elements within zg-footer
  • Added ability to navigate to zg-status
  • Added ability to navigate to zg-watermark
  • Added ability to navigate to user elements within zg-caption
  • Fixed issue with up key navigating down
  • Fixed issue with modal editor losing focus on close
  • Fixed issue with width based card mode acting like row mode
  • Fixed dialog focus bug
  • Fixed keyboard nav after search and filter remove rows
  • Fixed keyboard nav when all columns are hidden
  • Saved focus state after using insert row
  • Fixed inability to double tap edit on mobile
  • Fixed mobile edit sporadic closing editor issue
  • Fixed issue with cancel button appearing on edit when no delete button is in the row
  • Fixed navigation issues when sort and/or filter of single columns are turned off
  • Fixed select editor focusing issues
  • Fixed bug with ZingGrid.setLanguage global function
  • Fixed issue with grid click and then keyboard press not selecting correct item