ZingSoft updates
ZingSoft updates

ZingGrid Release v1.2.0






  • Change <zgparam> buildRestUrl to restmode
  • Added celleditor attribute to turn off cell editing when editor or editorcontrols are set When celleditor is set to disabled and editor is turned on, double click edits the row
  • Added XHTTPMethodOverride header when sending POSTs for PUT, DELETE, and PATCH Modified before CRUD events to allow manipulation of data
  • Modified validator to allow manipulation of data
  • Added ability to connect to Firebase SDK subscription
  • Added <zgparam> name subscription to set to true
  • Added ability to cancel certain actions via before event handlers. Use event.preventDefault:
    • data:record:beforedelete
    • data:record:beforechange
    • data:cell:beforechange
    • data:record:beforeinsert
  • Added display message when no records are found in the grid
    • To customize message, added [nodata] attribute on <zinggrid>
    • To customize message, added <zgnodata> element that can be created under <zinggrid>
  • Return the value of the id field on <zgcolumn index="recordkey"></zgcolumn> when data is array of objects (previously only worked on named objects)
  • Added <zgparam> options for setting server error message
    • serverErrorMessage Sets the error message to display for the server error
    • serverErrorPath Sets the path to the error message in the case of a JSON response
  • Added token [[serverMessage]] to place returned message from the server in the error message
  • Added numbertypeformatter attribute to turn off auto formatting
  • Added validators
    • date
    • url
    • email
    • range
  • Added support for custom validators
  • Added ZingGrid.registerValidator API method
  • Added built in Number Validator
  • Added validation error class to ZGDialog and ZGEditorRow
  • Added validation error message to ZGDialog and ZGStatus
  • Added <zinggrid> attribute validationerrormessage
  • <zgparam> New Options
    • buildRestUrl True by default. Set to false to prevent REST URLs from being constructed
    • urlSuffix If using REST URLs, set a suffix to be appended to the URL. Usually an extension or a slash
  • <zgparam> Shortcuts
    • createSrc
    • readSrc
    • updateRowSrc
    • updateCellSrc
    • deleteSrc
    • createMethod
    • readMethod
    • updateRowMethod
    • updateCellMethod
    • deleteMethod
  • Added record token parsing within a URL Added django as an adapter option
  • Added support for required columns for editing
  • Added [required] attribute for <zgcolumn>
  • Added [validationrequiredmessage] for <zgcolumn>
  • Added [validationrequiredmessage] for <zinggrid>

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed issue with src being set on <zgdata> or in <zgparam>
  • Fixed issues with 204 responses on PUT, PATCH, and DELETE
  • Fixed the 'multicell' selector in card layout from overlapping the cell content below it. Changed the location of the selector checkbox inside the card cell to the righthand edge.
  • Added fullwidth to the <cite> element inside <zgsource> shadowDOM to fill the horizontal space. zgsourcetextalign now works as intended.
  • Fixed issues with zgstatus closing
  • Fixed bug where data is added to grid when server returns error Fixed bug where editor mode is turned on when editorcontrols is set to "false" or "disabled"
  • Fixes for dynamic <zgparam> additions and removals
  • Fixed bug with custom deleteBody
  • Fixed issues with dynamic updating of <zgcolumn>