ZingSoft updates
ZingSoft updates

ZingGrid Release v1.2.5





Release Information

  • Added typeimagesrc attribute to allow image src to be partially formed from index values
  • Fixed bug with image sizing

Bug Fixes

  • Added pageRowIndex to click event to show the index on the page of the selected cell
  • Fixed bug with custom menu items click throughs
  • Fixed bug with resizing after container is hidden on load
  • Fixed bugs that occur when no data or src attributes are set.
  • Fixed issue with double arrows on heirarchical columns
  • Fixed issue with resizing into card mode
  • Fixed issues with draggable reordering after hiding columns
  • Fixed issues with grid padding on resize
  • Fixed issues with initial layout when grid is hidden on render
  • Improved updateRecord Functionality
  • Updated removeRecord to work with array of object data
  • Fixed alignment of header tooltips
  • Fixed column resizing after editing a cell or row
  • Fixed column resizing on manually call to updateSize
  • Added recordIndex and columnIndex into cell event data
  • Added updateCellByPosition API method
  • Added updateCellByID API method
  • Fixed spacing in edit modals
  • Fixed casing in edit modals
  • Fixed layout in status messages
  • Fixed dynamic updates in status positions
  • Added decimal steps, min, and max to range columns
  • Added support for comma separated lists in zebra values
  • Fixed issues with selector column type and iconSet
  • Fixed conflicts with staticMenu and contextMenu
  • Fixed displaying staticMenu and selector column when no caption
  • Updated getEditor API method to return dynamic value instead of user set value
  • Fixed issues with celleditor
  • Fixed dynamic changes to footcell
  • Fixed bug with sorting null values
  • Fixed bug with editing escape characters